We have included our tried and tested favourite recipes from the family, team and friends at Tims Dairy. If you have a deliciously appetising recipe idea using yogurt, and would like to share it with us, please do send your idea and your contact details to

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Katie's Sausage Hotpot

Published | December 2010

I love this recipe as it is easy to prepare and makes a wonderful, nourishing and warming winter supper for the family. ‘Soffritto’ is the essential base for Italian stews and soups using the ‘holy trinity’ of Italian vegetables.

Cardamom and Orange Rice Pudding

Published | December 2010

Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food: warm, sweet and sticky. You can keep it relatively plain and omit the raisins and cinnamon or spice it up with some cardamom to give it an Arab/Sicilian twist.

Smoked Mackerel Dip

Published | June 2009

Very quick and easy, fresh, nutritious and ideal as a dip, a sandwich filling or as a pate style starter.

Yogurt Fruit Scones

Published | July 2009

When it's strawberry jam season try these delicious, light fruit scones with a good helping of whipped cream for a summer's afternoon tea.

Mango Brulee

Published | February 2010

A delicious and lighter version of the traditional creme brulee. Easy to make.

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